We lend top engineers to top companies
Our story
We started our journey in 2012 and since then have become an established software house and a brand name in the Scala eco-system.
Our mission
Our mission is to build an extensive worldwide network of top engineers and offer customers a powerful on demand workforce.
Our vision
True engineering excellence is a unique combination of science, discipline and experience, and that is why we strive to recruit only the very top 3% among our craft.
Our partners
Meet our team

With a team of 50+ specialist engineers, Outworkers can help you deliver projects of any complexity. We work at the highest possible level, producing most of your favourite Scala tools as a weekend hobby! But don't take our word for it, give us a call and we will give you a great definition of engineering!

Flavian Alexandru
Flavian Alexandru
Chief Executive Officer
As the business head, Flavian is responsible for handling all day to day aspects of the company.
Bartosz Jankiewicz
Bartosz Jankiewicz
Chief Technology Officer
Bartosz is the head of all things technology, the very lifeline of our business.
Botond-Lajos Nagy
Botond-Lajos Nagy
Head of Design
Boti has a decade of UI/UX experience. With the magic of Photoshop, he creates stunning designs.
Mihai Iavorschi
Mihai Iavorschi
Financial Officer
Mike is the money man, he deals with all the finance and accounting that goes on as part of our business.
Our consultants
Our consultants
Java, Scala and JavaScript developers
Our worldwide team of senior engineers, ready to join your team today!

Email: office@outworkers.com

Phone: (+44) 0330 822 0152

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Limited company

Registered in England

Founded 2012