Cassandra Summit 2016: Outworkers landed an MVP award
Flavian Scala Developer
Flavian is a Scala engineer with many years of experience and the author of phantom and morpheus.

First of all a very warm thank you to all of those who voted in the MVP rounds for the Datastax MVP awards of 2016 - 2017. We are very grateful and thankful not only for the award, but that you feel our contributions to the open source world bring real value to your software stack.

We are honoured the years of our lives and countless hours poured into making phantom the framework that it is today found their way to be helpful in your stack, there's no greater feeling than knowing we were able to bring value and give back to the community, as we have in our own right benefited from the power of Cassandra.

Here's the happy crowd at the MVP dinner, taking place at the San Jose convention Center, in downtown San Jose, California, with the MVPs of this year including one of our own at the very back caught right in the middle of a chat with Mr Jonathan Ellis, the Cassandra founder himself.

Thank you Datastax for the incredible summit, we feel lucky and blessed to be part of the Cassandra momentum and we look forward to many many years of ever increasing Cassandra adoption and we aim for our contributions to the Cassandra community to forever increase!

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