Functional finance starts
Flavian Scala Developer
Flavian is a Scala engineer with many years of experience and the author of phantom and morpheus.

On the 13th of October 2014, Outworkers had the great pleasure of launching a brand new meetup, called Functional Finance, in partnership with non other than Underscore Consulting.

Held at the prestigious Barclays headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, the Functional Finance debut meetup was a great success, with some mild projector issues standing in the way of knowledge transfer.

A functional approach to database modelling and usage 

Here is our CEO talking about functional applications of time series databases and how financial systems can use advanced functional frameworks to entirely circumvent the need for things like an Oracle license. We like to think this is was a very useful talk.




Modelling an order book and using fixed point processes for high frequency trading

Benjamin Edwards, former Googler and former tech lead on the Barclays and RBS teams talked about using basic fixed point processes such as the Hawkes process to implement a basic High Frequency Trading algorithm.


You’re welcome to join us!

If you’re in London and you’re in the mood for a great functional talk, our meetups are an excellent place to meet like-minded functional enthusiasts working for large financial corporations. Whether it’s finance or technology that thrill you, we look forward to seeing you there at our next meetup! Check our Meetup here for more details and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with upcoming events! @websudos.

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