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We developed the Scala driver for Cassandra and Datastax Enterprise, hantom
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We master Cassandra and Scala

The most powerful NoSQL database on the market and the most powerful enterprise language make up for an incredible combo. Driving products from idea to market ready cash generating businesses has never been easier.

Our more than five years of experience in both technologies allow us to offer you unparalleled competitive advantage through expertise, complete knowledge transfer, and incredibly fast time to market.

  • Enterprise Cassandra support
  • Transitioning from SQL to CQL
  • Operations, management and backups
  • Cluster installation on any infrastructure
  • Pre-production performance benchmarking
We help you get the most from Cassandra
A legacy behind us
For over 4 years we have been the dominant force in the Scala/Cassandra world. We build the official Scala driver to integrate Cassandra in reactive Scala apps, used by 1000s of companies worldwide.
Certified partners
Our commitment to Cassandra extends far beyond open source. In our quest for excellence, our partners at Datastax help stay up to date with the latest of Datastax Enterprise, years before features see prime time.
Scala expertise
Our strong battle tested experience in delivering reactive Scala applications puts us in a unique position to deliver some of the most complex projects, giving you the killer time to market advantage you need.
Scala + Cassandra
We offer the complete blend between Scala and Cassandra, integrating the most powerful NoSQL database and enterprise language. It's safe to say no one knows the Scala/Cassandra tooling better than we do.
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