Outworkers joins the MongoDB Partner Program
Flavian Scala Developer
Flavian is a Scala engineer with many years of experience and the author of phantom and morpheus.

We have the great pleasure to announce that as of today, the 20th of May 2015, Outworkers if officially part of the MongoDB Partner Program. As part of our quest to offer elite software services , we have ramped up our efforts to acquire key strategic partnerships that will allow us to greatly improve the quality of our services and our reach.

It is also with great pleasure that we now begin work on a new Scala driver for MongoDB, called ReactiveRogue. A combination of ReactiveMongo with a fully type safe autocompletable DSL in the style of our other drivers such as phantom for Cassandra and reactiveneo for Neo4J.

We look forward to a highly successful collaboration between ourselves and MongoDB Inc and to another high quality driver trademarked Outworkers and first and foremost to helping you develop better software with the help of our engineers and their world class knowledge of MongoDB!

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