Outworkers now has 5 Datastax Certified engineers
Flavian Scala Developer
Flavian is a Scala engineer with many years of experience and the author of phantom and morpheus.

It is our great pleasure to announce that after a long and wonderful partner bootcamp, Outworkers is very proud to count 5 Datastax Certified Cassandra/DSE architects among its ranks, the highest possible level of knowledge and certification.

After years of hands on Cassandra experience, months spend learning the theory inside out, 3 exams and a week long bootcamp surviving on a diet reminiscent of the glory days in the university dorm room and 15 hour work days to face the high demands of the bootcamp, we may finally call ourselves Cassandra and DSE experts.

Here you will witness PS4 warmup rounds before the bootcamp, at our Knightsbridge head office.

This wonderful achievement is a culmination of our longstanding dedication to Cassandra and Datastax Enterprise as core technologies in our curriculum and competence, and a natural outcome of our responsibility to maintain the leading Cassandra/DSE integration tool in the Scala ecosystem, our very own phantom.

And we haven't been reluctant to celebrate!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Datastax counterparts for everything they have done and for their effort to make all this possible, and especially for their live support and guidance throughout the bootcamp week.

We are proud to be part of the Datastax Partner Program and we look forward to an ever growing adoption of Cassandra and DSE.


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