Outworkers partners with Typesafe
Flavian Scala Developer
Flavian is a Scala engineer with many years of experience and the author of phantom and morpheus.

London, United Kingdom and San Francisco, California: It is our great pleasure to announce that as of today, the 1st of September 2015, Outworkers has officially joined forces with Typesafe through the Typesafe Partner Program.

Thanks to our long standing interested and expertise in Scala alongside the Typesafe family of reactive products, we are honoured and pleased to join forces with Typesafe in their quest to increase the adoption of Scala and Reactive Applications.

We take great pride in being and the forefront of enterprise technology with Scala and this newly found partnership marks the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between us and Typesafe, which will bring our beloved customers and adopters even more advanced coupling between our products and the Typesafe platform.

We would like to thank our counterparts at Typesafe for their outstanding support and collaboration and we look forward to a world where Scala is more popular than Java!

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